Saturday, September 26, 2009

how are you u guys? hope all's well.
Here are some pictures from kelly & me in Melbourne.

we barely meet up (once / twice a semester?) but have heaps of fun and loaaaadddss of food when we do!
this was from our meet up in June, just before the 1st semester of school ended.

hope you guys are well!
take care & c u soon!


with love,
Grace & Kelly

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Holidays 2009

Hey, hows everyone doing? Remember about the missionary trip which i mentioned in the previous post? Well the organizers changed the location of the mission, to Bandung Indonesia, however our aim was still the same! RAWR!!! lol. Well my main duty in the team was being the photographer. So just look at the pictures below.

So our team flew from LCCT on 1st August to Bandung by AirAsia.

Indonesia AirAsia
Bandung Airport

Save our Souls orphanage

Bandung Red Crescent Hospital

A river in Bandung city

Class attendance at a kindergarten

Rumah Harapan, where the family of the house takes in unwanted children, and raise them up as their own.

Street hawker

Games and singing

Medical checkups

Panji Kemenangan, home for mentally challenged people


Old folks home for the disabled

Wound cleaning (PS: saw that hawt guy in black?? =p)

Blood Donation day!

Blood testing

Donation! (no sweat!)

Hospital trip

More check up

Hospital Director

Church with disabled people


We even travel to the village site, to give our service to the locals.

Other doctors helping out as well.

On that day, i was in charged of the pharmacy segment.

Busy, Busy

After completing our service, was my turn to get to know the cun Indonesian doctors =)

MMA team 09

Group photo with the volunteers, doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists


Indonesian mamak. Enough of pictures of the service now, time for food and relaxation!

Nasi Goreng Indon


ZOMBIE chicken

Grattidute dinner for us

Doctor Iwan from Bandung

Bandung hot springs.

In conclusion, the trip has taught me to cherish my family, and also appriciate what I already have. Im glad being able to do something for those in need and hope it will leave an impact on their lives, so that they will too give to the sociaty, once they are capable.

The mission ended on 11th August. Few days later, I met up with Chin Loong, Weison and Wee Kiat.

Well, I gtg now, celebrating my birthday tonight =X. Sorry for the cincai post. lol. Take care and God Bless.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spring - Summer 09 Collection

Hey all, guess who's back to resuscitate the blog! Haha, don't get the title wrong, its not a fashion show(lame joke). I'm still alive here at Moscow, didn't get bashed up by skinheads yet, still playing DotA, and still single. Haiz....

Today was my Biology finals, where the exam as held at the Biology department, located at the outskirts of the city. It takes approximately 1 hour on Metro(subway train) to reach there.

As you can see, its already the middle of spring now. Flowers blooming, birds flying, the smell of raging hormones in the air. Average temperature is at 19 Celsius. By the way, see those small huts, those are garages where Russians park their car and hide their junk from the public or porn their wife.

The sight of green is everywhere, comparing to white in my previous post.

Some weed where naughty people(unlike me) take and blow at other people's hair.

On the way back to the Metro station from the Biology building. I wonder who is that naughty boy. Tsk tsk. before leaving, I went to KFC to had lunch with my friends.

I ordered chicken wings( Hot & Spicy) and 0.5l Coke (price: Rm 14). After feeling bored of 'cuci-mata' with Russian girls, I and my friends head back to the city center.

Here is Arbat street, one of the tourist sites in Moscow, and among the few places where Russians could actually understand simple English.

Free lance artist and musicians roam the street, painting your potriat for a price.

The street is also famous for the variety of international cuisines like Japanese food, Italian and Western. Batu Keras Moscow is also located along this street. (Batu Keras = Hard Rock)

Wondering how long can the lady hold her position without moving. Haha

Violinist performing

A memorial fountain of a famous Russian dancer

Artist selling their art work.

Mr crazy fingers and his loud amplifier.

When our legs were aching, throat was dry and body was sweating it means it was time for............. STARFUCKS!!!! lol, Starbucks

Mocha java chip frap with chocolate + vanilla cream. (price: rm25). They wrote my name wrongly, 'Tumy' in Russian is pronounced as 'Timu'. LOLz. Cuci mata-ed and chatted for awhile and we decided to head back home.

Entrance to the Metro.

Inside the Metro station.

Spring!!! (go compare this picture with my previous post. Its the same playground)

Walking back home~~~

Purple flowers blooming.

Outside my hostel. (Compare this picture as well)

My room's new arrangement. I divide it with the clothes cupboard. Though the room looks smaller, at least i got more privacy now. Remember when i say my roommate was a 33 year old with 3 girlfriends? well he shifted off after an argument with me about him bringing those girls in. Now another Arabian replaced him, and he's another fucking pain in the gluteus maximus. But at least this one has only 1 girlfriend. I realised now what people do during winter, where its too cold to go out and have nothing to do beside sleep. They reproduce! Free 'show' for me every weekend. An adventurous one, as he dares to do it, even though I'm in the room, at the opposite side. (for your info, his gf is the size of a gorilla. I wont even want to peep, even if u pay me too. Listening to her primate call(moans) makes me shiver)

Finally is my messy table, where i study, pawn noobs, chat, Skype, and watch 'stuff' online.

No more other pictures for now. Will have my final exam on the 15th. Will be flying back on the 23rd of June, and be in KL for a week. Wanna meet up anyone? Will be at KL on the 14th of July as well, meeting up with my old housemates and Darren if you still remember him. Will be free till early Aug. In Aug, I will be going to a small island off Sumatera called Pulau Nias ( following a group of other volunteers for missionary service. watch this video for more details (<---- WATCH!!!). Now I need your support! We need financial support from every possible source. Though this program is organised by a Christian fellowship, I as a Buddhist feels that there shouldn't be any religion barriers when it comes to helping those who are deeply in need. The world is not as pleasant as it seems. Nias was badly affected by the tsunami, YOUTUBE the island and you can see the level of destruction. Help support if you hear my call or just pray for them, or you can just be ignorant asshole and don't give a fuck about it.

I will be returning from Nias at the end of Aug, and will be flying back to Moscow on the 30th of Aug. Till then, bye and hope to meet you all soon. GG WP GL HF.